PJs into Couture Track Pants

There is a current trend to take old or no-longer used pyjamas (spelt pajamas in the US but often shortened to PJs, jimjams or jammies) and convert them into trendy couture track pants (or trousers). But first a quick check on what we mean by pyjamas. The original “pāijāma” are loose, lightweight trousers fitted with drawstring waistbands and worn in South and West Asia by both sexes. Outside South Asia, especially in English-speaking nations, pyjamas are loose-fitting, two-piece garments derived from the original garment and worn chiefly for nightwear. The word pyjama derives from a Persian word and was incorporated into the English language during the British Raj.
The track pants trend is everywhere right now, and while it may go viral and could be short-lived, it’s worth having a go and seeing what your friends think. Even a new pair of cheap PJ bottoms can be treated to this conversion. The good thing is that they will be exclusive and self-tailored and therefore worn with pride!
What you need for this change is a pair of elastic-waisted pyjama bottoms, some thread to match the PJ thread, elastic about 1 inch wide (or possibly wider). Sewing equipment and some very sharp fabric scissors.
First turn your pants inside-out and put them on. Then use pins or safety pins to mark how tapered you want to make them down your legs. Remove the pants, and with the right sides together, mark them with a washable ink pen then sew down the side starting at the waistband and going down to the hem, following your pinned markings. Repeat this step on the second side, and then do the same for the inside seams, so that’s four times in all. Trim off the extra fabric and treat (surge or zigzag) the raw edge so the PJ fabric doesn’t fray.
Measure around each ankle and then cut the two pieces of elastic to that measurement. Sew each piece of elastic in a loop. Slip one elastic loop around the bottom of one pant leg against the inside of the pants, pinning it evenly around. The edge of the elastic should be about 1/8-inch below the edge of the pants so it doesn’t hang out when you wear them. Repeat for the second leg.
Sew three seams around the elastic with a straight stitch, stretching the elastic tight in between pins as you sew. Repeat with the second leg. Finally turn your pants right side out and there you go!
Wear them with no socks, sneakers or pastel pumps. As for your top, well anything casual will work, but for heaven’s sake don’t wear them with as formal tunic, blazer or similar. I have seen them worn under short dresses and they look good. It’s really a question of once you have prepared them, going through all your wardrobe and seeing what works and what doesn’t. They can look a bit Ali-Ba-Ba if you haven’t tapered them enough, but that’s not too bad, simply wear them with a floppy hat or turban!