Get the Blues!

Blue is such a great colour for clothes and accessories. It can be as dark as navy, as rich as an azure sky and as light and blow-away as a light blue pastel.
There was a great blue peak paisley bikini that caught my eye recently. It’s by Zimmerman who are an Australian designer brand and are the recipient of numerous swimwear awards. Zimmermann recently opened two stores in the U.S.
I was sorely tempted to get a Kenneth Jay Lane necklace the other day. It was in the most gorgeous shade of blue and made from resin into chain links. I normally don’t go for the chunky necklaces which sometimes just don’t look feminine enough, but this necklace was an exception.
When it comes to tiger loafers you may be excused for thinking that they will be of an animal skin pattern and colours- but not a knock-out pair from Kenzo Patent Leather that jumped out at me from the shop window. They are blue with a tiger’s visage on the front of the shoe. Being blue they’ll go great with jeans or shorts and you’ll have people stopping you in the street and asking where you got them!
My shopping trip continued and I spied a wrap skirt that should work with your bikini and your cheesecloth summer shirt. Missoni created a stunning crochet knit skirt with tulip hem and its multiple shades of blues and greensmake it a summer must-have for morning brunches or later on the beach.
Cross body bags are everywhere this season both on the runways and in the malls and clubs. During the day you have the strap and it’s a classic shoulder handbag. But for going out in the evening, remove the strap and you have a great evening clutch. The mini bag from Tory Burch (Amanda Logo Clutch Bag) caught my eye because it is made of fine pebbled Italian leather in a beautiful not-too-dark Night Sky blue colour. Once I touched it I had to have it!
I’ve long been an admirer of Victoria Beckham’s designer specs and shades, and then I saw a pair of her oversized statement sunglass with blue tinted lenses.
Finally a Day Birger et Mikkelsen shawl dress in china blue completed my shop-till-you-drop session. I just thought this was wow chic. It has a sleek neckline to the silk silhouette and in my view it oozes femininity and style in spades. 100% Silk the colour absolutely shimmers as you walk and it’s finished off nicely by a matching belt.
Why am I mad on blues? Well, I have to admit to having blue eyes so there’s a nice match there for a start. Surveys in the U.S. and Europe show that blue is the colour most commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness, confidence, distance, infinity, and the imagination. The opinion polls also revealed that it is overwhelmingly the most popular colour, chosen by almost half of both men and women as their favourite colour. Mine too!