Find the Best day spa in Chennai

After a stressful day at work or office, the one thing that we all look forward to is a relaxing time in a spa or a massage center. This being said, there are a few things that you need to be sure about before you go ahead and book yourself a spa day. The search […]

How to measure a mattress

Not all the mattresses will be suitable for everyone. As people differ from each other in terms of height and size, the mattress that accommodates them also differ. Some might also prefer long mattresses even though they are short. It depends on their personal choice. A person should know how to measure a mattress in […]

Trained professionals will repair all types of forklifts

Dubai is seeing rapid industrial growth and new business entities are sprouting throughout the city. It is worth to note that industrialists are also busy opening warehousing and distribution centers to stuff tons of cargoes inside the warehouse. They do purchase different types of forklifts for uploading and downloading of cargoes inside the warehouse. People […]

Quality Services For Every Individual

The quality and cleanliness is essential when it comes to hotel and spa. When you get offers on a daily basis, it will be the best opportunity to grab it soon. Monday is exclusively for ladies, and you will get a good discount on all beauty services availed for the particular day.Beauty services include facial, […]

Smoothie Recipes

We may be well into summer but it’s still not too late to get some weight loss under your belt (as opposed to over it!). So is this a new trendy fad diet? Is it going to cost the earth in additives, supplements? Is it something that I won’t be able to stick with because […]

Get the Blues!

Blue is such a great colour for clothes and accessories. It can be as dark as navy, as rich as an azure sky and as light and blow-away as a light blue pastel. There was a great blue peak paisley bikini that caught my eye recently. It’s by Zimmerman who are an Australian designer brand […]