Smoothie Recipes

We may be well into summer but it’s still not too late to get some weight loss under your belt (as opposed to over it!). So is this a new trendy fad diet? Is it going to cost the earth in additives, supplements? Is it something that I won’t be able to stick with because […]

Get the Blues!

Blue is such a great colour for clothes and accessories. It can be as dark as navy, as rich as an azure sky and as light and blow-away as a light blue pastel. There was a great blue peak paisley bikini that caught my eye recently. It’s by Zimmerman who are an Australian designer brand […]

No Tooth Fairy Required!

You don’t need a tooth fairy to look after your teeth but you do have to realise that looking after your teeth has a real impact on the overall health of your body. Research is still being undertaken to determine the extent of the symbiosis, but here’s what you should know. We shouldn’t think of […]

PJs into Couture Track Pants

There is a current trend to take old or no-longer used pyjamas (spelt pajamas in the US but often shortened to PJs, jimjams or jammies) and convert them into trendy couture track pants (or trousers). But first a quick check on what we mean by pyjamas. The original “pāijāma” are loose, lightweight trousers fitted with […]

Steamy And Sizzling Massaging With Female Masseurs

A steamy and sizzling body massaging session from a veteran and gorgeous female masseur will bring the much needed refreshment as well as jovial spirit in mind for any man. Traditionally, massaging techniques are regarded as healing techniques. With body massaging, complicated physical as well as mental disorders like stress, hypertension, blood pressure irregularities, body […]